You can scale DDC resources at any time based on your needs. The upper limits described in the table below to both resource allocation models, the “Allocation Pool” and the “pay as you go” model.

If you use the “Allocation Pool” model, the number of CUs as well as the size of RAM and storage can be adjusted in a flexible manner directly in the DCS portal.

If you use the “pay as you go” model you can dynamically scale up and down as required within the limits described in the table below. Based on the functions available, horizontally and vertically scalable architectures can always be implemented.

Currently, the following limits apply to one DDC

Resource Upper limit per DDC "Allocation pool" Upper limit per DDC "Pay as you go"
Compute power 480 CU (48 GHz) 255..1020 vCPU 2)
RAM 512 GB RAM 2048 GB RAM
Fast Storage 8 TB
Ultra Fast Storage 6 TB
Dynamic Storage No limitation
Network interface 10 vNICs per VM
Bandwidth (WAN) 1Gbit/s 1)

1) Higher bandwidths can be configured by Swisscom upon request.

2) Depends on chosen performance class (CU/vCPU)

Please be aware that VMware reserves storage from the storage pool for creating a virtual swap file (VSWP). Therefore, 1GB of storage gets reserved for each 1GB of RAM that is used. The storage is taken from the same storage pool as the primary partition is assigned to if you use the “Allocation Pool” model. In case you use the “pay as you go” model the used storage gets automatically added to the VM. Please see VMware KB article to learn more about this topic.

Currently, the following limits apply to one DS

A Dynamic Server's compute power can be controlled via the performance categories available. The performance category selected at the beginning can also be easily adjusted at a later time. If required, an existing virtual server can be converted into one of the categories available, ranging from XXS to XXXL, directly in the portal.

The following limits apply in case of a Dynamic Server:

Resource Upper limit
Compute power 4 vCPU
Fast Storage
  • 80 GB for primary partition
  • 1 TB for secondary partition
Ultra Fast Storage Not available
Dynamic Storage No limitation
Network interfaces 2 vNICs, 1 EON (WAN connection) and 1 ION (LAN connection)
Bandwidth (WAN) 20 Mbps

The resources ordered are billed on a daily basis, both for DDC and DS. Relevant in terms of billing is the maximum amount of resources provided per day. Dynamic Servers temporarily not required can be stopped. Only the storage costs for those virtual servers will be billed.

Our experts will be happy to support you should you have any questions regarding the optimum scaling of resources.

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